Julian Alps

Day 3 Dvojno Jezero – Stara Fužina

Julian Alps Day 3

Dvojno Jezero – Stara Fužina

Hiking 24.1 km  Ascent: 507 m Descent: 1864 m Max Elevation: 1914 m

Slovenia Seven Lakes Trek height profile day 3

Accurate height profile

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Dvojno Jezero

Good noodle soup morning, what a view to wake up. It was still pretty early, and everybody else was still sleeping. A few birds were already singing in the morning sun. We have never seen a lake like this. The water is crystal clear; you can even spot small shrimps, algae and insect larvae swimming in the water. Even I few fishes were swimming in this fairy tale lake.

MSR Hubba Hubba campsite at the lake close to Dvojno Jezero

It was really hard to refuse to jump into the water, but the microenvironment is so sensitive that you will mess up the whole system and destroy flora and fauna forever.

As the first tourist arrive, we started walking up to Mount Triglav. Normally I love a good soup in the morning, but at this point, we both needed something to chew. Unfortunately, all huts were still closed, the season would begin in the next few week but still too late for us.

Reflection on water Walking on water at Koča Pri Triglavskih Jezerih/ Dvojno Jezero
Man walking on water at Dvojno Jezero

We follow the path which slowly gains in elevation. After a few kilometers, we reach the treeline. Mountain ridges become even more majestic, the Karst topography of the limestone is the perfect environment for the alpine marmot, chamois and mountain goats, which are using the crevices to hide from curious tourists and natural predators!

A few minutes later we reach the final lake of the 7 Lakes Valley, again a gem surrounded by breathtaking scenery. After a small break, we continue walking higher and higher. Soon we reach the first snow. Continuing to hike without crampons gets more and more difficult. After another hour we give up. The path in front of us is blocked with snow, and we are sadly not equipped for this kind of weather.

Jezero y Ledvica (Kidney Lake)

Another reason to turn is the lack of proper food. We both have been talking about something to chew all day, and so we decide to turn around. It is already noon, and we’re not sure if we will reach Stara Fuzina today. But the very thought of a nice steak gives us wings. We quickly pass by the beautiful alpine lakes and head into the unknown.

The hours fly by, and we just have one subject to talk about: dinner.
The Julian Alps are presenting itself from the best site; the weather is ideal and the trail secure to walk. During the golden hour, we reach a small settlement; the wooden huts are all glowing in the low evening sun, while the birds are singing.

Man on trekking excursion in the Julian Alps

The only problem is that there is just a few hours of daylight left and we still have about 10km to go. It gets dark and darker, and are still deep into the trail. At around ten a clock we reach a street, which we decide to follow. We can walk without you, small sneaky rocks! Shortly after our knees are hurting badly, but we have to continue. At around 11 we reach the outskirts of Stara Fuzina, at this point, we both are in autopilot mode. The only thing we still have to do is drive to Bled.

Woman hiking in the Julian Alps

Stara Fužina

But there is one tiny problem; we lost the key to our rental car. We look everywhere, but nope, there is no sign of the key. We empty all of those bags. The street looks like a crime scene. Nothing. We try to reach the hotel where we parked, nope, too late. Finally, after annoyingly knocking that front door, somebody, the owner of the hotel, opens the door; there is still one room available.

I just want to go to sleep, forget the penalty we have to pay for losing the key, but Bella still has hope and in the very last pocket of the backpack she finds it. After that, we just fall asleep, hungry. Still so hungry. What an end to a marvelous adventure. We will be back.

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